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Abortion Terminology
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Abortion Terminology

When discussing any new subjects, it is frequent that the observer may not understand some of the terminology, therefore words, used. Abortion uses various terms to define the unborn baby, proponents and opponents, as well as other aspects. This section of the website is dedicated to defining and explaining these terms to the reader.

Abortion: The very basis in which the entire abortion issue revolves around (obviously). Abortion is the act of removing the fetus from the mother's womb, and thus terminating its life. In 1973, court justice Harry Blackmun ordered that an abortion may be carried out without restrictions during the first six months of pregnancy. This means that an unborn child may be aborted in both the zygote and fetus stages. Because no one can draw an unbiased line defining the exact point in time from which the unborn child becomes a human being, conflicts arise, and so we have the issue of abortion.

Zygote: "Zygote" is the term used for the unborn child during the first twelve weeks of a woman's pregancy.

Fetus: "Fetus is the term used for the unborn child between the twelth and twentieth weeks of a woman's pregnancy.

Pro-Choice Supporter: The term "pro-choice supporter" is usually used in a biased manner, along with its counter-part, "anti-abortion activist." A pro-choice supporter is a person who is pro-abortion. The term undoubtedly sounds much less aggressive than its counter-part, and therefore, bias can be seen between the two names.

Anti-Abortion Activist: Exactly like its counter-part, "anti-abortion activist" is usually used in a biased manner to depict a person who is anti-abortion. The term "activist" is usually used to describe someone who is, at times, extreme, and therefore, a bias is apparent when comparing it to its counter-part.