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The For Argument (Murder):

Secular Argument:

Yes, abortion should be considered murder for the sole reason that the fetus is a living creature and a human being. Likewise, murder is defined as the "unlawful killing of one human by another"; therefore, by definition, abortion is murder. Aside from that, we, as humans, do not have the right to take the life away from another living being. Because the child is alive, we cannot take its life away by performing the act of abortion.

Christian Argument:

God has chosen to love all his living creations, whether they are in the form of a full-grown human being, a pre-pubescent child, or in the form of an unborn child. Therefore, since the unborn child is alive, killing it would be taking on the role of God in that particular situation, a role that should be played by Him and Him alone. Therefore, abortion is completely immoral by Christian standards.